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This Is It: “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” VIDEO

I want to watch this all day and have nightmares all night.

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Sally Cruikshank: “Face Like A Frog” VIDEO

Felt kind of weird last night, pretty sure this had something to do with it

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Malcolm Sutherland: “Bout” SHORT FILM

A. Atmospheric
B. Primal
C. Mesmerizing
D. All of the above

Be sure to check out Sutherland’s Vimeo where dude’s got a strong selection of work. His contributions to the Star Wars Uncut project are also stellar (pun of the year)

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White Tape: GoShort Festival FILM

GoShort is a great little short film festival based in the Netherlands. Perfectly suited for today’s focus on digital delivery and miniscule attention spans – films are 2-7.5 minutes. White Tape is a beautiful, compact animation that rewards you with a simple, potent message. A few others on the home page that are more than worth your time.

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Cordell Barker: Animator Extraordinaire

Living Canuck legend Cordell Barker recently unveiled his latest animated short film Runaway which is always a cause for celebration (check out the great behind the scenes video for Barker’s insight and funny accent). His two previous shorts were both nominated for Oscars. Above is his first, “The Cat Came Back.” Even 22 years later you can spot some stylistic and thematic similarities between it and Runaway, notably the train track sequence. Wonderfully unique animation, dark humor and exquisite use of music highlight Barker’s work.

Barker’s shorts, along with many other National Film Board of Canada gems, were on display during the short-lived Cartoon Network series O’Canada

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treeD via rhizome

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Blockhead: “The Music Scene” VIDEO

incredible video from animator Anthony Francisco Schepperd – fits nicely in the same universe as the work of Jean Giraud and wizards

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The Illusionist

Chomet is back with a visually stunning animated feature based on an unproduced script by Jacques Tati (watch this then go find all his movies). Traditional cel animation is so beautiful–the detail here is on par with the 1940s Disney classics. Premieres at Berlin 2010, then coming to a theater near you!

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“The Ruined Cast” Trailer

Dash Shaw is making a full-length animated sci-fi film. So badass! Way to go Sundance Labs. Music is impeccable, like an off-kilter Inception


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great gifs from aestheticized

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