10 Favorite Videos of 2010

Great year for videos. In no particular order after #1

Andreas Nilsson had a big year and this is my favorite out of his considerable output (I recommend his “Hyperize” spot if you haven’t yet seen it). Tells a great story with fantastic details and stylish design. Most of all, the video is sublime in visually representing various changes and moments of the song. It feels completely tailor made to the intent and feeling of the track, something that all but the best videos fail to achieve

Very sharp Hot Chip video. Feels like this was a preemptive response to criticism that their new album was too pop and not enough weird. Mixes wit, beauty, oddity and fun in a uniquely Hot Chip manner. Probably watched this more times than anything else on the list. Great production value and knows it’s subject matter

Blown away by this one! French duo Megaforce have made some great stuff over the past few years, but this is their peak. Wish I knew how to do some of these crazy in-camera gravity tricks. The rear-projected cityscape and end sequence with all the dreamed-out characters are highlights. I want RATATAT-vision

So smooth. Nails the aesthetic. Great to see Ronson’s character continued from Warren Fu’s previous video (which could have easily been on this list as well) while simultaneously reinvented. Spank Rock looks fly

Not exactly sure what this Shabazz Palaces clip is trying to say, but it’s got pure, unfiltered style. Almost like there’s some esoteric story going on that we as an audience aren’t privy to. Great camera movement. I’m a sucker for single-take videos. Is there such a thing as an existentialist music video?

Simple, chilling, you understand everything and nothing at once. Like The Birds but on the open sea. Keep an eye on Andy Bruntel, he’s one of the best out there at the moment

James Blake owned the end of 2K10. This video is poetic. Song titled “Limit To Your Love” + black hole = dark times. Effects are integrated seamlessly, enhancing rather than distracting

Another single-take gem from Finnish group Husky Rescue. Check out the Behind the Scenes to get an idea of how they pulled off those in-camera effects

This one’s fun as hell. Never heard of the band, never planning on seeking them out again. Kudos all the same. They got some great actors and the slow-mo Phantom stuff looks beautiful

And finally, just because this is as close as we’ll ever get to a Smith’s video in 2010…

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